About me

First of all, I go by Tony if we are going to chat in English. The following is a brief introduction to me, but not my resume nor anything unnecessarily objective.

With passion in Linux, network engineering and all hacking techniques, plus curiosity with artificial intelligence and cognitive science, I do call myself a geek. Nevertheless, philosophy (mainly Kantian ethics), music, literature and art (for those three I have special appreciation of Romanticism and Expressionism) matter in my life. So no discrimination please.

Currently I am an undergraduate student at University of California, Berkeley, pursuing Computer Science plus either Math or Cognitive Science. Not yet decided.

I live my life on Debian Linux, after moving on from Ubuntu (whose Unity is too unstable for me), and on the same OS I run this blog. My understanding of Linux is limited, but at least I fixed several kernel panics without reinstalling my OS. Among all open source licenses I prefer GPL 2.0.

Usually I address challenges with Python, C/C++, Go with bash terminal, but if I have to build a GUI I will use VB.Net.

I am not a fan of algorithms and CS theories,  though I have acquired decent knowledge of both. (After all I have existing libraries) I believe in running code and take pride in my ability and experience to build real world solutions.

My hacking experiences are also limited. I refuse to use phishing websites and emails, but prefer SQL injections and man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, because they are far more elegant.